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Lee as endorsing artist for the Conn model 8D French Horn (Conn-Selmer website)

Lee Bracegirdle has more than 3 decades' experience as a principal French hornist in orchestras in America, Europe, and Australia (seeresumé). He is credited with introducing both the Anton Horner school of horn playing and the exercises of Carmine Caruso into Australia. The professors with whom he studied were James Chambers, John Cerminaro, Joseph DeAngelis and Ranier DeIntinis, all direct descendants of the Anton Horner and hence Friedrich Gumpert schools of horn playing (see photos below). He also studied privately with Carmine Caruso and Roy Stevens, the two most sought-after brass embouchure clinicians in New York during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. He has given master classes at the Juilliard School, Curtis Institute, Salzburg Mozarteum, University of Illinois, the Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, and the Conservatorio Esteban Salas in Santiago, Cuba. His horn students hold positions in orchestras in Europe, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. He is presently horn tutor at St Andrew's Cathedral School and privately at his home studio.

His volume of clinical embouchure developlment exercises Practical Exercises for Horn (Praktische Übungen für Horn, see editorial review below) is used by horn professors world-wide, and can be obtained directly from the publisher:

3-C Musikverlag & Notengrafik in Bochum, Germany can provide these as an e-file or as a hard copy. To order yours, contact publisher Christoph Schieri at chrischieri.3Cmusik@t-online.de

International Music Company publish Lee's edition of Henri Kling's 25 Studies and Preludes for horn. These can be ordered from your local music store.

As well as these horn studies, 3-C also publishes some of Mr. Bracegirdle's brass quintet material. This repertoire includes 2 volumes of Christmas "carol" music European Christmas, and his arrangement of William Brade's 2 Pieces. These arrangements can also be purchased from Blechbläser Sortiment Köbl in München

Attention, "English" brass players:
"European Christmas" is now also available in "English" brass format (Trumpets in Bb / Horn in Eb / Baritone Horn (or Trombone) in Bb / Tuba in Eb).

"The Horn Call" (February 2001) issued the following reviews about these publications:

(Practical Exercises):
"These exercises offer the moderately-advanced hornist means of improving overall technique and range through relatively brief exercises. All of the exercises are interesting, and some are challenging even to the advanced player. [Mr. Bracegirdle] should be applauded!"

(European Christmas):
"highly recommended as fine 'gig' material for the holiday season!"

Horn players around the world will be acquainted with his jazz horn quartet arrangements of Beatles songs Eleanor Rigby, The Fool on the Hill and Penny Lane. The printed music for these is available directly from Mr. Bracegirdle only. To arrange for your copy, contact him via email: bighorn2001@hotmail.com

The American Horn Quartet recorded his Eleanor Rigby arrangement for their 2014 En-Cor CD, which can be purchased here at iTunes and here at Amazon.com.

L.B.'s master class at the Curtis Institute,
Philadelphia, April 2006 - L. to R:
Ryan Steward, Clark Matthews, Prof. Jerome Ashby,
Joseph Assi, L.B., Todor Popstoyanov

with his horn students at St Andrew's Cathedral School (Sydney)
and former St Andrew's student Barry Tuckwell.
L to R: Head of Music Department Christine Belshaw,
Matthew Smolonogov, William Gammel, Lachlan Lonergan,
Mr. Tuckwell, L.B., Rohan Grey (November 2007)
horn students at
St Andrew's 2008:
Rohan Grey
Thomas Krizanec
Matthew Smolonogov

L.B. directs the
Illinois Honors Horn Choir workshop,
November 1998
with the I. H. H. C.
workshop participants
and U. of I. horn professor
Kazimierz Machala

as Horn tutor for the SSO's "Playerlink"
program, Goulburn, NSW - August 2006
with 2 of his students from
The King's School:
Mikey Lee and Lawrence Wei
at the premiere of his Violin
, May 2015
training a new generation at the
Schillerschule: Hof, Germany, 1980

with his students at their November 2013 soirée,
St Andrew's Cathedral School, Sydney
"the long and short of it"
with his tallest and smallest
in 2013; Billy Nicolson
and Brandon Chung
...and with his tallest and smallest in
2021: Rory McClelland and Katie Chen

November 2014 master class, Conservatorio Esteban Salas in Santiago de Cuba

December 2017 masterclass at the Escuela Profesional de Artes, Matanzas, Cuba

L.B's horn-playing forefathers
James Chambers,
L.B.'s horn teacher
from 1971-1976
(photo ca. 1955)
2 generations of masters:
James Chambers
with his teacher: Anton Horner
the legend, Anton Horner
late in his career in the
Philadelphia Orchestra
Friedrich Gumpert,
Anton Horner's
professor at
the Leipzig

LB conducting
Bondi Brass

during the
"Festival of the
Winds" at
Bondi Pavillion,

September 2012
poster for
the 2013
Youth Band
workshop and