Bracegirdle's innovative new mouthpiece design
manufactured by Stork Custom Mouthpieces:
model LB-10

Lee has developed a new and innovative mouthpiece that will benefit many horn players.
The cup and backbore are based on a traditional "Vienna" model (Tilz WM3)
The rim contour and thickness is Stork's standard 'W' rim, similar to the Farkas MC rim.
Lee's preferred bore size is U.S. 'standard wire' drill #10 (equivalent to 4.9mm) and his rim inner diameter is 18mm.
John Stork can alter these sizes according to your preference. The mouthpiece is available with your choice of
American or European shank.

The deep, straight, funnel-shaped Vienna-style cup of the Stork Custom LB model produces powerful richness and warmth of sound,
while the clean-cut 'shoulder' at the base of the cup aids with clarity of articulation and adds an appropriate amount of higher overtones.

But the most innovative aspect of this new design is the outer contour of the rim and hence the overall outside shape of the mouthpiece. As you can see in the photos there is very little outer rim 'overhang' or edge. I have designed this with lower lip comfort in mind. There is just enough outer edge on the rim to give a 'bite' or 'feel' to where it sits on the lower lip, but it does not dig into the lip. This is particularly advantageous to players who use an 'einsetzen' embouchure, however 'ansetzen' players could also benefit from the comfort and ease of playing that this provides.

Most horn players - whether they classify their embouchure as 'einsetzen' or 'ansetzen' - sit the rim into the lower lip to some degree, even if they don't place it fully into the lip's 'red meat'. An endemic problem with most mouthpieces is that their outer rim profile can dig a 180° groove into the lower lip muscle. Over prolonged periods of playing this can cause unnecessary fatigue and lack of fluency between the high and low registers, and can actually put permanent indentation into the lower lip muscle, even damage or tear it.
Some existing rim designs such as the Giardinelli 'C' or 'B' also address this, but are extremely thin. This works for some players, but those who need a bit more rim surface will find that my new design resolves this issue without being overly thin.

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