some testimonials concerning the work of Lee Bracegirdle:

Kate Stratford, "On the Town" Magazine:

"The orchestra was brought together by conductor Lee Bracegirdle's loving baton, whose love for his orchestra and the music they make is evident in the encouraging smiles which accompany every wave of the baton.
As Chief Conductor and Artistic Director he is to be commended for this approach to community orchestral work. It is aspirational and it pays off.
These concerts are delicious moments available to everyone. Do yourself a favour and check out their website for the next one."

Stephen Erdody (cellist, Los Angeles String Quartet): (link)
"He is the consummate musician: an extraordinary french hornist, a remarkable composer, and an exceptional conductor."

Lalo Schifrin, composer and arranger:
"Mr. Bracegirdle is an outstanding composer. I am very impressed by his clarity of musical thought, maturity of ideas, and organic orchestration"

Murray Black (music critic, 'The Australian' newspaper) about Ammerseelieder:
"The composer's score was attractive, evocative, and cleverly orchestrated. I regularly found myself smiling and nodding in admiration at his inventive use of instrumental colours."

Frederick Blanks (Sydney music critic) on Bracegirdle's compositions:
"This is clever stuff !"

Michael Gielen (Principal Guest Conductor: Berlin State Opera /former musical director: Frankfurt Opera /Southwest German Radio Orchestra / Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra):
"Herr Bracegirdle ist mir ebensowohl bekannt als ausgezeichneter Hornist wie als begabter Dirigent. Er ist ein ausgezeichnet gebildeter Musiker, dessen Schlag sowie seine Anweisungen ganz professionell sind. Seine große Erfahrung im Orchester kommt ihm beim Umgang mit dem Orchester zu gute."

"I know Mr. Bracegirdle both as an excellent horn player and as a gifted conductor. He is an highly-educated musician whose baton technique as well as directions to the orchestra are entirely professional. His extensive experience as an orchestral player is evident in his rehearsal techique."

Sir Charles Mackerras:
"Mr. Bracegirdle is a highly experienced orchestral player with impressive musicianship - the ideal pre-requisite for a conductor"

Carlo Felice Cillario (principal guest conductor, Australian Opera):

"I have checked Mr. Bracegirdle's qualities as a conductor, and am ready to declare that they are remarkable indeed. He posesses a great musical intelligence and experience, his gestures are well-controlled, and he displays a fabulous passion for conducting."

Adrian Dimitrievitch (artistic director, choreographer):
"His confident yet amicable approach is conducive to the most positive and productive of rehearsal atmospheres. He posesses a flawless, yet supremely musical conducting technique, well-suited to bringing out the best performances from his orchestra. His rhythm is absolutely solid, an attribute which I, as a choreographer and dancer, consider to be of particular importance. I would describe his musical direction as displaying astute clarity and definition, yet full of passion and vitality."