On the Job -

a photo albumn with colleagues

[2008 Mason Jones evening]

on a brass quartet gig, 1974:
Earl Gardner, Scott van Patter, L.B., Gerald Spoto

a very young
James Chambers (ca. 1948)
the students of James Chambers
in New York's Central Park, 1973:
Priscilla MacAfee, Robin Graham, L.B.,
Scott Wilson, David Wakefield, Julie Landsman

Forest Green, Philadelphia rock band, 1971
at the Philadelphia Art Museum
(L.B. at top)
"The Lovin' Orchestra" on tour with Barbara Mason
at the nightclub 'Just Jazz' - Philadelphia, 1975
(L.B. back row, middle)

horn section of the New York City Symphony Orchestra, 1975-76:
L to R: Howard Katz, Judith Swift, Will Parker, L.B.


horns of the Orquesta Filarmónica de la Unam,
México City, 1976:
L to R: Salomon Morales, L.B., Alan Spanjer,
Jerome Ashby, Jose-Luis León
conductor Erich Bergel (L) with the
horn section of the Bayreuth International
Youth Festival Orchestra, August 1977:
Istvan Fricsay, Vasili Oprea, LB, Nicolae Dosa

horn section of the Hofer Symphoniker, 1979;
L to R: Christoph Schieri, Tatehiko Sakaino,
Wilfried Walch, L.B.
with 2nd horn Wilfried Walch,
Hofer Symphoniker,
in the orchestra pit of the
Städtebundtheater, 1979

Rekkenze Brass [Hofer Blechbläserquintett], 1980:
L to R: René Jampen, James Sauber, L.B.,
Thomas Sheibels, Emil Janecek.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra horns recording
the Hindemith Quartet, 1983; L to R:
Christoper Harrison (4th) / L.B (Associate Principal) /
Bernard Hillman (2nd) / Kazimierz Machala (Principal)

The Australian Brass Quintet, 1985; L to R:
Cliff Goodchild, L.B., Alan Mewitt.
Paul Goodchild, Daniel Mendelow

("Peter and" ....)
the SSO wolves, 1994, L to R:
Douglas Trengove, Bernard Hillman, L.B.

Barbra Streisand's horn section,
March, 2000
L to R: Graham Nichols, Gerard Patacca,
Genevieve Campbell, L.B.
on the set of Barbra Streisand's "Timeless"
concert tour of Australia, 2000:
Bruce Dukov (principal violin), L.B.(principal horn),
Marvin Hamlisch (conductor),
Steve Erdody (principal cello)

lunch at Paramount Studios, L.A, October 2000:
Brian Denbow, Bruce Dukov,
Nadia B., Veronika B., Jim Thatcher, L.B.
at O'Neal's, New York, April, 2006:
with Jerome Ashby and Earl Gardner

working on "Ammerseelieder" with
bass-baritone Grant Dickson
Sydney, 2003
in Sydney, May 2006:
Lalo Schifrin, Gordon Rytmeister, Emily Rytmeister,
Richard Miller, Paul Goodchild, L.B., Gabi B.

Sydney, July 2006 with
Richard Todd, Principal Horn:
L.A. Chamber Orchestra
with Wolfgang Tomböck, Solo-Horn:
Vienna Philharmonic, at Watson's Bay,
(Sydney), October 2006

with Kazimierz Machala on Sydney
Harbour, December 2006
with Sir Charles Mackerras
in Sydney, October 2007

Horn section for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra's
2007 Rachmaninov Festival:
L to R, back row: Ben Jacks, Casey Rippon,
Geoff O'Reilly, Marnie Sebire
front row: Vladimir Ashkenazy, Barry Tuckwell, Robert Johnson, L.B.

with pianist Gerhard Oppitz,
Sydney Harbour, 2007
with Jennifer Montone, principal
horn, Philadelphia Orchestra
November 2008

SSO brass section, 2007

with Earl and Cecelia Gardner,
New York, 2008
with Philadelphia Orchestra horn player
Shelley Showers, 2008

Horn players' dinner hosted by Mason Jones
at Philadelphia's Union League, November 2008
click here for Jeffrey Lang's report on this historic occasion
seated: Shelley Showers, Mason Jones, Nolan Miller
standing, L to R:
John Carabella, Jeff Kirschen, Randy Gardner,Adam Lesnick,
Jennifer Montone, Dan Williams, L.B., Angela Cordell, Jeff Lang
front row: Shelley Showers, Mason Jones, Jeff Kirschen
standing, L to R:
Angela Cordell, Randy Gardner, Adam Lesnick, John Carabella,
Jeff Lang, Roger Blackburn, Nolan Miller, Jennifer Montone, L.B.,
Dan Williams, Yumi Hwang, Marjorie Miller, Marilyn Blackburn

with violinist Wanda Wilkomirska,
Sydney Opera House, August 2010
with Roland Berger
in Grinzing, Vienna,
September 2010

with Stefan Jezierski and Fergus McWilliam,
Sydney Opera House, November 2010
horn section for the SSO's 2010 European tour
"honorary member" Vladimir Ashkenazy
Grafenegg Castle, Vienna, September 2010
L to R: Ben Jacks, Marnie Sebire Euan Harvey, Maestro Ashkenazy,
Hector McDonald, Geoff O'Reilly, L.B.
with Barry Humphries at
Grafenegg Castle, Vienna,
September 2010

with Kazimierz Machala
Mount Victoria, NSW; August 2011
with the SSO brass (2nd from right)
performing on top of the Sydney
HarbourBridge for its 80th
anniversary, March 2012

in Baden-Baden, 2014 with
Michael Schuncke (guardian of the
Schuncke family music archives),
and with Sally Clarke, violist and
Cynthia Oppermann, harpist,
members of the trio "Blue Ayre"
horn section of Sydney's
Cadenza Philharmonic Orchestra, September 2012
Billy Nicolson (4th), L.B. (principal),
Neil O'Donnell (3rd), Claire Cameron (2nd)

with Ioan Ratiu, principal
Horn, Duisburger Philharmoniker
on the balcony of the Brahmshaus,
Baden-Baden, May 2014
with the team at
Kruspe brass instruments:
Katsushi and Tatehiko Sakaino;
Prienbach, Bavaria, 2014

with Cuban conductor
Cosette Justo-Valdéz
in Baden-Baden, 2014

with Kazimierz Machala and the "Hornet Quartet"
June 2014 concert at the Church of
St James the Apostle in Skierniewice, Poland
quartet members L to R (with ties):
Lukasz Lacny, Gabriel Czopka,
Michal Szczerba, Piotr Kowalski

Rüdiger and Cynthia Oppermann
at their home in Oberlauterbach, Alsace
part of the Oppermann collection
of international folk instruments

L to R: Gabi B, L.B., Jeff Lang,
Jennifer Montone (and her boys), Julie Landsman
Philadelphia, April 2015

with the horn section of the
Orquesta Sinfónica de Holguín, Cuba:
Luis Rodriguez, Claudia Gonzalez,
Arlet Pino, Kadir Torres
November 2016
with oboists and cellists of the
Orquesta Sinfónica de Holguín
with piano soloist Martin
and concertmaster
Yasvetty Gonzales post-concert
in Santiago de Cuba 2016
with Susana San-Felix,
principal horn
Orquesta Sinfónica de Oriente
November 2016
at the Eddy Suñol Theatre, Holguín with
Michael Elvermann, principal clarinet/
conductor; and Holguín Sinfónica
chief conductor
Oreste Saavedra

in Havana's "Old Plaza", December 2017 with
electric violist and "Proyecto-VT" director José-Ernesto González,
Gabriela (flautist), violinist/concertmaster Arsenio Marrupe
and salsa-dancer Ismaray Stable

working with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Matanzas, Cuba December 2017
rehearsal in the José White Concert Hall
with 2nd violins Maikel Vacas,
Giselle Galdos and Iván Acen
with tympanist Yansiel Castro, viola player
Dayana Bacallao and cellist Beatriz Pagés
with violinists Massiel Cartaya (left) and
[concertmistress] Belsy Aguilar
the horn section and
their teacher José González
left: Melisa Ramos, Elany Tadeo Saavedra
right: co-principals
Debbie Vélez and Yanai Suárez

with Martin Camacho, pianist and the Orquesta Sinfónica de Oriente,
Santiago, Cuba 2018
WPO chief conductor with
guest conductor/cellist
Umberto Clerici, March 2018